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Course Overview

Fintan introduces us to support structures, from Mood Management to Policies, Expectations and Strategies, and the importance of Flexibility, including how to support children with ASD, ADHD and ODD. He walks us through strategies to build rapport, enhance communication and nurture relationships. The course offers significant insight into dealing with bullying and socialisation issues, and culminates with resilience, and how to develop this for future challenges and opportunities.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of student behaviour.
  • Manage behaviour effectively.
  • Understand behaviour as a message.
  • Understand the impact of mood on learning and teaching.
  • Understand the importance of structure, policies and boundaries.
  • Understand the vital role of flexibility and relationships.


  • Improve your classroom behaviour management.
  • Improve rapport with students who differ in behaviour.
  • Benefit from improved relationships with your students.
  • Manage bullying more effectively.
  • Help build student resilience within your classroom and school community.
  • Support those hard-to-reach students in your classroom.
  • Improve support for students with poor socialisation skills and anxiety.
  • Learn how to bounce back when things aren’t going well.
  • Use strategies to support mood and feelings.


  •  7 x 30min (approx.) online, on-demand highly engaging videos.
  •  Multiple key strategies to support poor student behaviour.
  •  A profiling kit for Challenging Young People (CYP).
  •  A boredom checklist.
  •  A guide for parents on bullying.
  •  Case studies:
    • Boredom – How to identify and manage student boredom.
    • Anxiety – How to support students suffering from anxiety.
    • Video Gaming – Research evidence into positive features of gaming.
    • Homework – How to reduce the negative impact of homework.
    • ADHD – How to increase student concentration levels.
  •  Posters:
    •  5 Steps to Managing Negative Emotions.
    •  8 Ways Manage Behaviour.
    •  12 Tips for Transitioning to High School.

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