Part 3 Webinar: Can’t Learn, Won’t learn, Don’t care (Recorded)




Systems and Strategies for supporting children and young persons with Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder with learning, behaviour and socialisation issues.

This is a 3 part course outlines the different rhythms of those that can’t learn but want to (ADHD), those that push you away (ODD) and those that have a different agenda all together (CD).

It outlines how the key terms of Structure, Flexibility, Rapport, Relationships, Role Models and Resilience can help those that can’t to can, those that won’t to will and those that don’t to do.

Part 3 focuses on:

  • Developing positive relationships and dealing with the spectrum of bullying behaviours
  • Role models and the power of the village raising the child
  • Developing Resilience and stickability through the 7Cs