To get diagnosed with ADHD you’ll need to be evaluated by a medical professional. An accurate and well-rounded ADHD diagnosis is a complex, multi-step process including a clinical interview, a medical history review, and the completion of normed rating scales by loved ones, educators, and/or colleagues.

The pathway is to first be seen by your GP who then refers you to a community mental health team, who in turn can make the referral to the ADHD specialist neurobehavioral psychiatrist. In most NHS areas the referral to the specialist clinic has to be made by mental health team and not you’re GP. You can contact your local clinic directly to find where the referral has to be sent to and what the local pathway is for your area. Once your referral has been accepted, there might be a long waiting list until your assessment.

At the end of the day, if you can’t / don’t want to go through the NHS, and you don’t have health insurance, a good quality assessment is expensive. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to doing a comprehensive assessment, reduced cost almost always means reduced quality.

For information on the NICE guidelines see:

Independent Assessment

One option for an independent assessment is to contact:

Dr Jack Hollingdale (he/him)
Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Compass Psychology Services Ltd
PO Box 1269| Compass Psychology Services Ltd | Bromley | England| BR1 9DX
Email: [email protected]


[email protected]  this is a specialist ADHD centre.
Please contact: and or email me on [email protected] for advice on other options.

Screening Tool: The Child ADHD Screening Tool: CAST

CAST is a guide to aid teachers in identifying specific children who may be struggling in the classroom and/or socially with other children. It is not a definitive diagnostic tool but the first stage in determining the level of need of specific students who may be having difficulties due to inattention, hyperactivity and/ or impulsivity, which are the core symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

In addition there are some key tips to support children with ADHD traits right now prior to any further diagnostic investigation.

For other Assessment options please contact my colleagues at

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