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  • Cooper P and O’Regan F (2001) EDUCATING children with ADHD: Routledge Falmer Press
  • O’Regan F (2002) How to teach and manage children with ADHD: LDA a division of McGraw- Hill
  • O’Regan F (2005) ADHD : Continuum International
  • O’Regan F (2005) Surviving and Succeeding in SEN Continuum International
  • O’Regan F (2006) Challenging Behaviours Teachers Pocketbooks
  • O’Regan F (2006) Troubleshooting Challenging Behaviours Continuum International
  • O’Regan F (2008) The Small Change 2 BIG DIFFERENCE series Hyperactive, Inattentive and Disorganised, Special Direct
  • O’Regan F (2018) Successfully Managing Children ADHD Second edition :Routledge Falmer Press
  • In production
  • O’Regan F (2020) Supporting behaviour in the classroom: Sage publications limited
  • Cave S and O’Regan (2020) Attention difficulties: How to help: Pavillion books group

Finally there a series of links to a range of books I have published including my brand new publication Supporting Behaviour in the Classroom which will be available in November 2020.