Future Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence issues to consider in supporting the SLT and SEND/ND departments

  • Potential review of key existing polices and processes relating to ASC, ADHD, Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence with regards to issues of Compliance and Disability Discrimination.
  • To advise on admissions in terms of screening, testing and applications for new students.
  • Screening and Assessment options for existing specific students and advice on external support services for the SEND department. 
  • Guidance for learning and behaviour support in terms of low level and high level activity during the day and evenings
  • Looking at the student day in terms of both structured and non structured times and consideration of how most effectively to support study skills including organisation and homework.
  • Training, coaching and consultancy of teaching, pastoral and support staff within the school.
  • To develop proactive parent –school partnerships through group training sessions and possible meetings with specific families if required.
  • To further develop the principle of Neurodiversirty and Neurodivergence amongst the student body through group assemblies or student voice options.
  • Surgery for staff members to discuss one to one issues and how to support specific students.