Consultation Services

School and Home Consultation on Strategies and Advice for supporting children and young persons with ADHD


Being a parent has never been an easy role and, as they say – the job of raising a child does not come with instructions attached. However, when a child also has ADHD and/or other Neurodiversity traits possibly resulting in learning, behaviour and socialisation difficulties this can add to the task. Children and young person’s (pre and post lockdown) only spend 18% of the year in the school environment so in order to support families please find details of my parent consultation service. My experience in this area is not just limited to 35 plus years as a teacher, Head teacher and Behavioural and Learning Consultant but also as a parent myself. At the time of writing I am a father of a 23 year old daughter and twin 21 year old boys.

This would involve a full review of the child’s learning, behaviour and socialisation history through past assessments and current school reports.  

We would then have 60 minute phone call, Zoom or skype conversation to discuss school or home behaviour or learning issue particularly in regards to ADHD, ASD and/or ODD.

Recommendations and advice will be provided both verbally and with a short written report.

Please email to discuss the details.