100 Top Tips for Parenting and Supporting Children with ADHD


Over the last 10 years I have conducted a number of training and support programmes for parents and carers with children with ADHD and related conditions.

As a result of this and in response to the daily requests I receive from parents and carers by email for advice and support I have produced a booklet with tips for a number of key catergories.

These are not exhaustive but cover the following issues : Diagnosis, Impulsivity, Managing yourself, Organisation, Defiance (ODD), Friendships and with peer relationships, Homework, Managing Medication, Transition to Secondary School and Computers.

In each section I have provided 10 tips which I hope will provide information, direction and confidence in understanding and supporting your child.

A percentage of all book sales will go to local parent support groups.

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“I took a look at the samples from the booklet, very well written and useful IMO. I have found information to date to be either lacking in detail with little practical application!”
Liz Parent of a daughter with ADHD

“Ooh this looks fantastic. I’ll read through and share with parents. Great work and thanks!”
Hettie, Learning Support – Third Form Tutor

“This looks great. Really helpful. It’s nice to see something aimed at parents. A lot of the information we have at school is for teachers and teaching strategies…. I don’t always know where to direct parents for advice… so something like this would be really useful.”

Simon Stearn, IN Coordinator – St. John’s College School

“I think these tips provide a very clear straight forward and practical guide and everything in there resonates with what parents and teachers need most of all. I think this will be such a helpful resource.”

Claire Turlbury, Head of Learning Support – St Faiths

“I am a parent of two children with ADHD and one with ADHD/ODD and these tips have transformed our lives. My husband and I am working together now and not arguing about how to best to help our children. Thank you.”

Julie parent of Taylor and Haley, Sutton

“To be honest I didn’t get the tips on mood management straight away but now that is the best way of helping my son with his ADHD……Really helpful.”

Tom parent from South London