SEN Conference 15 May 2015

St. James Park, Newcastle

What did you find most useful?

Overall very positive about presenters and content.
Comments included: really enjoyed the sessions led by Fintan O’Regan; great speakers; Fintan O’Regan presentations – brilliant but also other presentations were good; each speaker had good value; all speakers were very interesting; all of it – guest speakers were great; all of the sessions gave a valuable insight into the complex behaviours and useful tips; all of the speakers – great strategies, tips and advice; everything pulled together really well; all aspects of the conference were good but Fin was inspirational; all speakers clear and informative; Fin O’Regan an outstanding speaker; expertise and experience of speakers; thoroughly enjoyed the whole day but particularly loved Fintan O’Regan; loved Fin’s poem at the end; good to hear from Dr Jones and health; attachment was particularly useful; information about young carers and the broader definition of this; found attachment theory both thought provoking and sad; attachment great – need more on implications; young carers talk very important; Dr David Jones – very encouraging that he is involved and linking all services together.
Other comments included: great opportunity to network; good range of providers; information stalls from organisations; great to be able to gather information from other agencies.

How can we support you further?
Comments included: more info on TAHMS and CCG plans; continue doing what you and the whole SEN team do; continue to provide information at the end of the phone or by email; keep revisiting SEMH difficulties; staff development in this area; get Young Carers to come into school to do an assembly; new SENCO support in September; further info on CYPS in Newcastle; continue with conferences like this; better communication between external agencies and school; continue with your invaluable support; consider a Primary only conference – in addition to the all age one; provide training on understanding and supporting mental health in young children; continue with everything you do; how we can work with children with attachment issues to improve their lives; more training for SENCOs and staff on SEMH; more practical CPD regarding ADHD management; continue support through networks and in school; training in strategies to help while waiting for referrals; ideas of intervention programmes; come and support in Northumberland; more training on attachment issues; useful to have protective factors and strategies for developing resilience; service cuts mean long wait for referrals; handouts of presentations beforehand would have been helpful; increase awareness of services and reduce costs – more equal school funding; suggestions on further reading; question and answer session; choice of workshops; a focus on autism at a future conference; examples of excellent practice from our schools;

Other comments / suggestions/ questions
Another great conference; very informative; best conference yet; good timings and well organised; really liked format of day and brunch; excellent day; knew there was no magic wand: longer break between speakers; contribution from social services might have been useful; could lead SENCOs sit on mental health panel; perhaps using a head microphone; a little more movement; something about ‘happiness’ – Andy McDonnell (ATLASS) a fab speaker; useful to know more about what Kalmer counsellors do; more time; hope the CCG will enable early intervention to really succeed; workshops built in; greater input from school nurses; loved the fast pace – really good; more opportunities to talk to colleagues and providers; EPs are qualified on attachment; speakers on alternative therapies; liked the ability to write down questions to put to speakers; like the idea of a ‘theme’ to the conference; more time to look at stalls; main speaker less effective style of presentation; some information ploughed through very quickly; would have liked to ask questions at the time; needed longer break for networking.