I never went to school today

I never went to school today
My mum kept me at home
It all started when the teacher said
That she would have to phone
Because of hitting Daren
When he was hitting me
It started in the corridor
And I got him PE

And Darren didn’t get told off
It’s all my fault they said
They shouted and they yelled at me
And that’s when I saw red
I told them what I thought of them
That they were so unfair
And that is why they told me
That they couldn’t have me there

For 3 days I have to do my work
On the table in my room
And when I’m done to write a note
To express my sorrow and my gloom
And apologise to Miss and him
Even though they stated it
And promise to be good at school
And pupils never hit

I’ll do it cos I like my school
It’s where I meet my friends
And great for Sport and Science
But that’s where it really ends
I must try and get certificates
Exams, Grades and all the skills
For Job and house and reputation.
……………………..Mortgage, Taxes and the Bills

School days they say are supposed to be
Best days of your life
But not for me it’s eternity
Of trouble and of strife
I’ve failed at nearly everything
“In trouble” is my fate
I’m a problem child, I’m all washed up
A loser at age eight

Rules for Schools

We gotta have a policy
We gotta have a policy
For English and for History
Maths, Science and for Geography
ART Drama and especially……me
Miss says that I am Cheeky
Rude sometimes and Sneaky
I think she likes me really
Though she sometimes is picky
I think that she is cool
The best teacher in the school
Because she makes the rules
And no-one ever fools
Or fights within her class
Or tries to run too fast
We know we’d never last
Our present would be past
We like her for her industry
Her laugh her shout…….” yes honestly”
Its safety and security
It’s why we need a policy
It’s why we have a policy


I hardly ever get a sticker
And I never get a star
My father and my teacher say
I’ll never get very far
Golden time in primary school
Is extra work for me?
I never get certificates
Or get on the merit tree

My parents always seem depressed
And say that I’m a pain
Not like their precious daughter
My super special sister Jane
Js so good at hockey
And excellent in school
My parents seem so proud of her
But me I’m just a fool

I try my best but not it seems
To make my parents proud
But really I’m much better
At making music really loud
I play the drums and keyboards
And I play them really well
And the champion of all my class
In producing a really killer smell

I’m king of all detentions
And I’ve made my teacher cry
I’m good at avoiding Homework
And Talented with a lie
I don’t get caught for big things though
I’m far to smart for that
And I’ll make it clear that within our group
That no-one better rat

And if being best at dodging vans
And jumping cars down in our street
Was measured in certificates
Then I would best compete
They say that I’m not interested
Which really is bizarre?
If truth be told and honestly
I’d really like a star.


Tense and Deaf to Orders

I never really understood
Why People sit and stare
When I know that there’re not interested
Or really even care
For me I show the teacher
That I’m not really in
The place that they pretend to be
It really is a sin

I’m not like all the other kids
Who listen when there’re bored?
My mind, escape to castles….
….dragons, knights and great big swords
And I show through all my actions
That there are so many other things to do
I think, I act,. I’m clever
I always have a clue

But then the teacher shouts at me
And she seems rather mad
I don’t know why she does it
I think she thinks I’m bad
It always seems to start this way
We all get on a first
But then she gets unhappy
And her cheeks just seem to burst

Though Megan is my friend most days
I sometimes hear her sigh
I think she has some problems
I must address this by and by
But I really wish I didn’t
Make my teacher yell at me
I can’t help the way I work in class
I’m told, I’m ADD

It’s tense and deaf to orders
And it affects me most in school
During all the sitting down we do
And it’s why I feel a fool
But I really must try harder
To make grown ups start to like me
Cos my sister says it’s my fault
That we never see Daddy

They say”………….

It started with the whispering
And now it’s getting worst
They say they’re going to get me
I’m ugly and I’m cursed
It started in the playground
And continued into class
They bump me in the corridors
In the queue I’m always last

They say that I’m not normal
I’m not like the rest of them
They snigger and ignore me
Hide my bag and take my pens
I don’t know why they do it
I suppose they might be right
There must be something wrong with me
I’m told that I’m too quiet

The teachers never see them
Or if they do they don’t help out
I’m so sad inside I’m screaming
“Please stop them” is the shout
Perhaps I should be ill again
And not go to school today
Stay at home where I am safer
No-one can hurt me in this way

But tomorrow they’d all be round me
“Scary cat what’s wrong with you
Did you tell your silly Mummy?
That you just had the flu
They say they really hate me
And I should hate myself as well
And they’ll really really get me
If the teachers I should tell………

Please help me from this hell….

She’s alright on Fridays

Don’t try and be my friend
I really really hate
Grown ups who try to talk to me
And try and be my mate
I’ve got my own agenda
I’m gonna make lots of dough
I’m going to be successful
and I don’t care if you know

You only make me do the things
That you really want to do
You never ask my opinion
I hope you get the flu
You’re always on my case
Why can’t you leave me just alone?
trying to get me do my work
One day I’ll smash your phone

Perhaps by then you’ll stay away
From me and my mate Tim
Who’s in my gang with Ryan?
…..Sacha, Jake…. They’re also in
We’re going to rule the world one day
And we’re going to have a ball
But as for you and all grown ups
I really hate you all…

But actually that’s not quite true
On Fridays you’re alright
That’s when you give us free time
And we don’t have to fight
And sometimes I think you do try
To help me through the day
I’ve seen you sometimes teach us
You don’t always get your way

And when snotty Daniel Casey
Wos sitting in my chair
You made him move across the room
When he told me not to care
He didn’t say it like that
And you told us off right there
But you didn’t take his side that day
And that I thought was fair

Leave my son alone

Leave my son alone
Leave my son alone
You always, always pick on him
Leave my son alone

Leave my son alone
Your always on the phone
Its always him you say each day
I can hear it in your tone

This happened once before
Mrs Smith showed Lee the door
and now it’s our kid Troy
Who you do not enjoy
Also “difficult to employ”
They’re really not bad boys
Its just a load of noise

Why can’t you use your skills?
To teach him and instil
Proper manners and the will
To help him climb this hill
It’s same as in my day
I never got a say
And never got my way
All work and yet no play
And look at me today
I am all alone
No one to pay the phone
3 boys and me at home
Please leave my son alone
Please leave my Troy alone


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