talking in audienceWith more than 30 years of experience both in the educational and commercial sectors, I can provide consultancy options in a range of areas including:

  • Whole School Staff Behaviour Management Programme

Starting with a fully comprehensive audit of current practices, a bespoke programme will be developed to meet the needs of behaviour for learning within schools and academies.

This programme will fully consider the implications of the SEN code of Practice change from BESD to Social, Emotional and Mental Health. We will also prepare schools for the provision of Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare which will be the criteria used by Ofsted from September 2015.

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  • How to set up a successful alternative classroom provision

Some students may provide a learning environment outside of the main classroom. Setting up a successful alternative learning provision should be in the planning of all inclusive schools. The design of this provision will be based on the experience of running Centre Academy school programmes within the USA and UK for over 15 years.

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  • Developing inclusive practices in international schools

Inclusion is a process not a policy.  However, for successful inclusion to take place a range of steps need to be developed which involve the creation of a bespoke philosophy for each school and thereafter planning and training of all teaching and support staff.

This programme is designed to take each step of the journey from policy through to successful inclusive practice.

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  • ADHD, ASD and ODD  in the workplace

Consideration of how to get the most out of your workforce is one of the key factors of good management in any successful businesses.  As a result, understanding the different learning and behavioural styles of all employees is vital. This presentation is designed to demystify a range of learning and behavioural styles of adults with ADHD, ASD and or ODD. It will outline a range of key skills and strategies for successful management.

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  • Behaviour Management for Sports Coaches

This is a course designed especially for coaches and trainers who may need to work with a range of young people with special educational needs. It will demystify a range of common conditions and outline a range of practical strategies for successful management in the field.

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See example of a potential programme

Full day behaviour training for teaching staff. Spring Term
Consultancy to examine policies relating to behaviour management systems.  Suggestions of changes in policy and documentation. Spring Term  
Intensive in-class Coaching for a group of up to 16 teachers that implement the strategies from the whole staff training day. This focus group may be teachers identified by SLT as needing more intensive support or teachers who themselves have requested the help. 4 teachers can be seen per day and they would be seen at least twice. Spring Term
E-Mentoring is bespoke support by email.  This can be offered to all staff or just those teachers being coached. Spring and Summer Terms 
Full day behaviour management training for Learning Support Assistants and other Support Staff. Spring Term  
Student Voice meeting open to students on the school council or equivalent to discuss issues of behaviour at the school.Should be scheduled on the same day as the Behaviour Surgery or Coaching Day. Spring Term   
Behaviour Surgery open to anyone (teaching and non teaching staff) to come and seek support and advice from a trainer on site.  Staff to book an appointment with the consultant. Spring Term  
Twilight/Evening Meeting with Parents to share best practice at school and offer support in behaviour management.Should be scheduled on the same day as the behaviour surgery or the coaching day. Spring Term 
Full Day Behaviour Management Training for all staff. Summer Term