Behaviour for learning: How to effectively support your child to succeed academically and socially at school and at home

This is a course for parents and carers to effectively support children who may not be reaching their full academic potential and who may be exhibiting demanding, difficult and even defiant behavior’s at school and at home.

Spread over 3 days these 150 minutes sessions will provide the opportunity to clearly understand your child’s learning style and will allow the range of strategies and tips outlined in each session to work in practice

We will consider how the key terms of Structure, Flexibility, Rapport, Relationships and Resilience can dramatically improve learning, behavior and socialisation outcomes for children at school and at home.

Day 1: Neurodiversity

  • Demystifying a range of terms including Spld, ADHD, AS and ODD
  • Mood and Motivation Management

Day 2: Structure and Neuroflexibility

  • Setting Boundaries and keeping to them
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Key strategies for supporting organisation and homework

Day 3:  Rapport, Relationships and Resilience

  • Effective communication and not nagging
  • Peer to peer relationships including sibling rivalry
  • Self- esteem and The 7Cs of Resilience

These courses can be arranged at your child’s school or at an alternative venue.  

[email protected] or phone on 07734 715378

Fintan O’Regan, BSc, PGCE, MA