A comprehensive Neurodiversity course for Foster Carers to be delivered live or virtually live.

This course will cover the following issues:

Considering the risk factors for children in terms of home, the community and school

  • Demystifying a number of behaviour terms including ASD, AD, ADHD, BD, CD, ODD, PDA
  • Mood and Motivation management
  • How to support families with structure and boundaries for children at risk
  • Outlining a series of strategies to support challenging behaviours including, aggression, defiance and passive resistance
  • Effective communication and developing rapport with children and parents
  • Relationships between siblings and peers including the issue of bullying
  • The role of multi- agency intervention
  • Considering the key features of resilience and role models for children at risk

We will develop a series of case studies during the day to outline specific issues and how to apply strategies to support children and families

Course objectives

  1. To provide delegates with the confidence and skills to support children and families with challenging behaviours
  2. To understand the key traits in a number of behavioural conditions
  3. To be able to develop a framework to problem solve a number of scenes and situations
  4. Strategies to manage specific behavioural issues
  5. To help children and families plan for transitions

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