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School and Home Consultation on Strategies and Advice for supporting children and young persons with ADHD

Being a parent has never been an easy role and, as they say – the job of raising a child does not come with instructions attached. However, when a child also has ADHD and/or other Neurodiversity traits possibly resulting in learning, behaviour and socialisation difficulties this can add to the task. Children and young person’s (pre and post lockdown) only spend 18% of the year in the school environment so in order to support families please find details of my parent consultation service.


My experience in this area is not just limited to 35 plus years as a teacher, Head teacher and Behavioural and Learning Consultant but also as a parent myself. At the time of writing I am a father of a 27 year old daughter and twin 24 year old boys.

Consultation will usually involve a full review of the child’s learning, behaviour and socialisation history through past assessments and current school reports.  We would then usually meet in person and I will usually provide you a FAMILY RESET approach. We will then have a series of follow up Zoom or Teams conversations to apply the suggestions, tips and strategies in practice to address school or home behaviour or learning issue particularly in regards to ADHD, ASD and/or ODD.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07734 715 378

Specialist Family Neurodiversity Consultant: Victoria Markou

Victoria Markou took a BSC degree in Psychology specialising in early years child development at Roehampton University in 2001. Before that she had an extensive career in advertising, working at Saatchi and Saatchi. She holds a post-grad in teaching (PGCE) and worked for three years as a primary school teacher in London in the early 2000s.Victoria then trained with The Parent Practice and for seven years facilitated parenting classes, courses and workshops across London (in schools and homes), in addition to one-to-one consultations with parents. During this period, she helped 100s of parents make family life more enjoyable through the application of positive parenting skills and practical effective support.Victoria has two sons of her own with their own neurodiverse challenges. She has also worked at as volunteer at the Parent Gym and within children’s hospitals (such as Great Ormond Street and Evelina Children’s Hospital). Victoria also sat as an Appeals Panel Member for Wandsworth Council for families appealing against decisions to exclude or refuse admission from school.She currently holds a part time position in the Special Needs Department at an independent school in Surrey, working with the SENCo, screening and assessing children, running intervention groups, working one-to-one with children (those with a diagnosis) and she has trained as an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and works with several children to address their emotional needs.She is particularly interested in Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia, ASC and ADHD.Email: [email protected]Phone: 07946 854536

Neurodiversity Coach and Support Consultant: Angharad Hughes

Angharad completed an English degree in Edinburgh and gained her PGCE in 2011. She has worked as a primary teacher in state and independent schools both in the UK and internationally since 2012. She started her own Wellbeing business in 2017, training as a specialised Wellbeing Coach focusing on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness and EFT.Angharad has worked in primary classrooms helping students with anti anxiety techniques and mindfulness practises and runs wellbeing days for local primary schools. She has experience in SEN in senior schools and currently works in the Academic Support Department at Marlborough College, lending her coaching skills to ADHD and ASD pupils (age 13-18). She has led talks and workshops to staff and pupils on how to best support their neurodivergent community.Angharad has a personal passion for supporting parents of neurodivergent children. Her own son was diagnosed with autism (ASC) age 8 and she knows first-hand the challenges families face before, during and after a diagnosis. She is passionate about helping families come to a place of understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity and to support them on this journey.Angharad has many neurodivergent clients of all ages as well as parents of SEN children. She offers practical solutions on how to overcome some of the executive functioning challenges that neurodiversity can present alongside an empathetic ear for the struggles that supporting a child with ADHD/ ASC/ ODD can bring. She has been a guest expert on the American Naked Parent podcast which is an international community of parents with special needs children. And she has been featured in the US Insider magazine “15 Visionary Coaches Elevating Personal Success” where she shares her passion for supporting neurodiverse clients.Angharad is currently undertaking a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism alongside a fully accredited certificate in ADHD Management.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07771 615534

Raising an ADHD Child

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How can I support my child’s executive functions?
Where do I start with medication?
What can I do to start planning my child’s future?

This guide is a comprehensive and practical look at everything you need to know when parenting a child with ADHD. Beginning with the basics, you’ll get to grips with terminology, have popular myths debunked, and learn how to effectively communicate with your child, as well as understand how to work in tandem with schools, medical professionals, partners and your extended family.

Exploring everything from how to harness hyperfocus to supporting and nourishing your child’s executive functions, this is the ADHD parenting guide to always keep in your back pocket.

  • Published: Sep 21 2023
  • Pages: 192
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