Please find a range of products for teachers and for parents that we trust will help to support learning, behaviour and socialisation issues for children and young persons.

I have written 2 E books for both parents and for teachers and parents on ADHD and associated traits plus the screening tool the Child ADHD Screening Tool including some top tips for support.

Please find my brand new 3x 30 minute webinar series called Teaching and supporting girls with ADHD.

In addition there is the Webinar series “Can’t learn, Won’t learn, Don’t Care” which demystifies and provides a range of strategies for children and young persons with ADHD, ODD and CD.

Also there are some more extended webinars for whole staff INSET options on Behaviour Management and Reducing School Exclusions

Finally there are a series of links to a range of books I have published including my brand new publication “ADHD and Attention Difficulties: How to Help” which is due to be published in April 2022 but is available on pre-order at

To view a list of all the publications that I have written, please click here.

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