Teaching and Supporting Girls with ADHD




For many years we thought that Attention, Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a conditions that mainly affected boys. However ADHD traits are also often prevalent in girls and can affect a range of learning, behaviour and socialisation issues.

Symptoms can be often masked when younger but become more evident within the secondary school years and can lead to difficulties in learning and interaction with peers and siblings.

In this 90 minute presentation split into 3 x 30 sessions we will demystify ADHD in girls and outline a range of systems and strategies for supporting learning, behaviour and socialisation issues.

Session 1

  • Considering the impact of ADHD in girls in terms of statistics and symptom similarity
  • Executive Function
  • Assessment, Diagnosis and overlapping conditions

Session 2

  • Rules, Routines and Rituals for support
  • Teacher style and classroom management
  • Flexibility in terms of mood, motivation and direction

Session 3

  • Communication in terms of positive responses and the power of active listening
  • The potential role of medication
  • Supporting difficulties with socialisation including how to reduce the impact of bullying