Supporting Children with ADHD


This is a booklet regarding some key strategies for the management of children with ADHD.

Though it will provide some basic information for teachers and parents on the condition the main aim is to be a resource to outline or in some cases confirm a number of key strategies and tips for learning and behaviour management. ADHD is often a spectrum condition and as a result often requires a multi-agency approach and in a number of cases medication is required to help support learning, behaviour and socialisation outcomes.The scope of this book however is to focus on practical curriculum and behaviour management mainly for school but also for the home environment.



“This is a fab resource for schools and teaching staff with practical options for supporting children with ADHD.”
Haley – Year 6 Teacher, Basildon

“Really ideas to work together with parents and schools in Partnership.”
Tom – SENCo, Gateshead

“The contract sheet has been really useful and lots of other tips as well.”
Becky NSW Australia

“Confirms that many things and options we are trying are on the money with our years 7, 8 students which is good to know.”
Gavin, Dept Head Stockport