The content of the course will include:

  • Non-traditional Learners

Introducing the concept of “non-traditional learners” and demystifying a range of common diagnostic terms including ADHD, ASD, BD, CD, DCD, ODD and SpLD.

  • Boys and Girls and CYPs

Considering the issue of the different behaviour and learning patterns of boys and girls while looking at the issue of nurture and nature in terms of development of children and young persons.

  • Inclusive and Exclusive practices

By using the SF3R approach to management options, structure, flexibility, rapport, relationships and role models will help to meet the needs of non-traditional learners.

  • Systems, Strategies and Stories

Specific approaches to meet the behaviour learning needs of students with ADHD, ASD, ODD and SpLD will be outlined and applied to a range of everyday situations.

  • Improving Socialisation within the school community

Analysing a range of approaches to reduce bullying and improve the life chances for non-traditional learners in schools and colleges.

  • Completing the circle

Working to create successful partnerships with parents and carers of non-traditional learners.

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