The content of the course will include:

  • The impact of bullying

Considering how bullying affects individuals, schools and the community as well as how this creates not problems but opportunities for all.

  • Bullying as a behaviour

Looking at the motivation for bullying behaviour in terms of the characteristics of both bullies and of the target victims.

  • Considering the impact of bullying with children with SEN

Children with SEN are 3 times more likely to be bullied than other children so this issue will cover how both prevention and preparation can take place.

  • The different types of bullying

Considering the different types of bullying including; verbal, physical, relational and cyber bullying as well as how to discriminate between teasing and taunting.

  • The essential role of the Bystanders

The bystanders hold the key to long term change in bullying within school communities as, in the majority of cases, they will either be observing or active participants.

  • Developing a series of key anti-bullying policies and strategies

10 key strategies will be discussed and outlined to generate a whole community approach to beat bullying including the issue of cyber bullying.

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