Neurodiversity and Neuroflexibilty



Neurodiversity is a term which was first coined in the late 1990s to describe conditions such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD as not disorders but rather more like variations or differences of the human brain.This can be either a live or virtual INSET presentation for staff at your school to support learning, behaviour and socialisation within the school community.

Key areas will include:

  • Neurodiversity explained and explored
  • Mood and Motivation
  • Rituals and Routines for learning and behaviour
  • Effective communication and working in partnership with parents and carers
  • Dealing with Distraction, Disruption and Defiance
  • Peer to peer and friendships
  • Developing Resilience
To discuss how the course would run to suit your specific needs in terms of focus, content and timings contact:
[email protected] or phone 07734 715 378