Executive function skills are the set of cognitive processes that help us to execute tasks and regulate our behaviours in order to attain chosen goals. Executive functions (EFs) include processes such as sustained attention, response inhibition, working memory and emotional control.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is term used to describe a spectrum of learning and behaviour differences which include difficulties with impulse control and concentration and attention difficulties.

This presentation by Zoe Beezer and Fintan O’Regan will provide a proactive practical approach in understanding how EF weaknesses impact ADHD. We will explore how by supporting EFs we can provide systems and strategies for successful learning, behaviour and socialisation outcomes for children and adolescents with ADHD and overlapping conditions.

The key objectives of this course will be as follows:

  • Why EFs are so important as the starting point in understanding and supporting a range cognitive processes in teaching and learning.
  • Why are ADHD and EF difficulties so closely linked?
  • The prevalence, and diagnosis of ADHD and overlapping conditions – including classroom screening tools for teachers.
  • An understanding of the individual EF skills and how to support them.
  • Inclusive Whole School Approaches: Setting rules, rituals and routines, accessing the curriculum, seating, goal setting, planning, time keeping, prioritising, organisation, study skills, homework
  • Managing a range of demanding behaviours: Dealing with distractibility, mood, emotional regulation, impulse control, defiance, passive resistance, motivation, self-esteem, anger and aggression.
  • Socialisation and Friendships: Consideration of how best to deal with peer interaction during class and non classroom time, including issues of prevention of bullying.
  • The role of Medication in learning and behavior: The different types of Medication available, pros and cons including side effects.
  • Working with Parents and Carers: Home school collaboration and communication and preparing the child and family for transitions and future aspirations.

This course can be conducted over a half day, 1 full day and there is 2 day option available. Each presentation will include additional details and depth dependent on the time available and development of case studies will take place on the full day and the 2 day versions.


Profile of speakers Zoe and Fin

Zoe Beezer     

Zoe Marsden MDG (Master of the Dyslexia Guild with Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Dyslexia/ SpLD conferring qualified teacher and assessor status), QTS, LLM, BA Hons

Zoe runs her own business in educational consultancy and assessment (zoebeezer.com); she carries out SpLD assessments, advises parents and advocates for them and provides training services.

Zoe’s teaching roles have included Assistant Head of Inclusion/Well-being and SENDco in a range of different educational settings. She has extensive experience of working with parents, schools, and external agencies to meet the needs of neurodivergent pupils.

Zoe is a qualified Specialist Assessor and regularly undertakes private assessments of pupils with suspected literacy related SpLDs and dyslexia. She is also a qualified Specialist Literacy Intervention and Dyslexia teacher and Level 1 Accredited Executive Functions Coach.

Prior to devoting her career to special educational needs Zoe specialised as a Criminal Law Solicitor and Litigator. She holds a Masters in Criminal Law Litigation (LLM).

Zoe is the mother of four children (two girls and identical twin boys); one of her children has Inattentive ADHD and ASC, and another has Combined Type ADHD – she has ongoing experience of how to parent a neurodivergent children.

Zoe has just co-authored a book with Fintan O’Regan for parents of children with ADHD and is she currently writing a book on how to support executive function skills in the classroom.


Fin O’Regan MA, PGCE BSc

He is currently an ADHD and Neurodiversity Consultant and Trainer.

He was the Head teacher of the Centre Academy from 1996 -2002, which was the first specialist school in the UK for students between the ages of 7-19 specialising in issues related to ADHD, ASD and ODD.

He is an associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, the Institute of Education and the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity. Fin is a member of the Special Needs Consortium and sits on the Council of CReSTeD.

He has written a number of books and published articles on the subject of ADHD, ASC, ODD and Neurodiversity and has conducted over 2000 presentations both nationally and internationally to schools, social services, businesses, adoption and health agencies, the Police and Housing services


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