Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is term used to describe a spectrum of learning and behaviour differencesThis course will outline how to best unlock the potential of learners who are lateral thinkers but have a low level of boredom and require stimulating teaching and learning experiences.One teacher recently said with regards to a student with ADHD that “he is like a computer without a printer attached, he knows exactly what the answer is in his brain but he cannot give me the hard copy i.e. the answer on paper”This presentation will consider a range of systems and strategies in order to address successful learning, behaviour and socialisation outcomes for children on the ADHD spectrumThe content of the course will include

The key objectives of this course will be as follows:

  • Why is the issue of ADHD so important: Considering the impact of ADHD on the school, family and community with reference to national policy and due process for provision.
  • When is it ADHD : What are the symptoms, DSMV, executive function, causes, prevalence, and diagnosis including classroom screening tools for teachers?
  • Girls and Boys and ADHD: Differences in the sexes with ADHD, co existing difficulties and differences including ASD, ODD and CD.
  • The Multi-Model Management Model: Introducing; Educational, Behavioural, Socialisation and Medication options for Management.
  • Inclusive Whole School Approaches: Setting rules, rituals and routines, accessing the curriculum, seating, goal setting, organisation, study skills, homework and rewarding positive outcomes.
  • Managing a range of demanding behaviours: Dealing with distractibility, insatiability, defiance, passive resistance, anger and aggression.
  • Socialisation and Friendships: Consideration of how best to deal with peer interaction during class and non classroom time, including issues of bullying.
  • The role of Medication in learning and behavior: The different types of Medication available, pros and cons including side effects.
  • Working with Parents and Carers: Home school collaboration and communication and preparing the child and family for transitions.